Coordinates of a Temple


fl. (fl. alto), cl. (cl. basso), accordion, pno (prepared and amplified), vno, vc



Dur. (min.):



25.10.2017 perf. by Ensemble CRUSH at Studio 1 in Bulgarian National Radio during Agitato – Sofia Chamber Music Festival

Info/Program notes:

Commissioned by Ensemble CRUSH for Agitato – Sofia Chamber Music Festival
My very first memory is from my baptizing. I must have been about 2-3 years old. I clearly remember the large hand of the priest, the soft but bright light from above my left and the touch of the called water, which made me cry. It took place in “St. Ivan Rilsky” Church in my neighborhood in my hometown of Plovdiv. The memory has popped in and out of my mind through all my life like a shadow. Lately, I have been experiencing the strange sensation of an immense differ-ence and an immense likeness with that small-baptized baby. Somehow, this memory merges two distant moments in time, thus making them into a single small point.
For me music is the only other medium that could bring two moments into one. Therefore, I chose the musical sound to describe this peculiar sensation. In addition, to build and to rebuild my own inner temple through acoustical means – vibration, antiphonic textures, timbre; to write a map with ever-changing dimensions of a sound-space, that one can bathe his own soul in just for the beauty of the process.