el. gtr, cl. basso, perc, keyboard, vc, cb (all instruments amplified)



Dur. (min.):



12 Apr 2010 Korzo Theater, The Hague by Bang on a Can-All stars

Info/Program notes:

Written for Bang on a Can-All Stars within New York comes to The Hague Project.
“Horo” (Хоро) is a Bulgarian word for national dance. There are many different types of dances with variety of time signatures, scales, tempo, instrumentation etc. but there is always one thing in common — the dancing is about constant tension and acceleration of the tempo in order to leave the participants in it breathless at its end. In this “Horo” the electric guitar imitates the national bagpipe and the percussion set up (the two sided drum) is an essential imitation of a Bulgarian bass drum called Tupan (Тъпан). In addition there is а sampled bagpipe sound for the keyboard part. Dancing in Bulgaria is much more than a row of complicated moves, it reflects character and devotion to a purifying rhythm.

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